A marathon is one of the most challenging physical activities one can choose to participate in, providing extreme mental and physical challenges throughout the 42.195km. Crossing the marathon finish line is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding personal experiences an athlete can enjoy.


Marathon (42.195km) – 4 February at 3.00am
Start from Rajamangala Stadium
Finish at Democracy Monument
Cut-off time: 7 hours

Free shuttle service from Bangkok Airport Rail Link to Rajamangala Stadium from midnight till 2.30am.

The marathon is a considerable distance and should only be taken up by runners who are committed to several months of dedicated training. Individuals who are new to the sport of running may wish to start with a shorter distance and then move up to a marathon once confident they can safely complete the 42.195km.

Start Block Information

Cut-Off Timings

Cut-Off timings are essential to ensure the safety of our participants, and to adhere to traffic regulations.
Below are the details of the cut-off timings for the awareness of participants, please note that participants whom do not meet the cut-off timings will be ushered onto shuttle buses back to the Finish Line.

No. Cut-off Timing Distance
1 03.55AM 4.6KM
2 04.45AM 9.2KM
3 05.30AM 13.8KM
4 06.20AM 18.4KM
5 07.20AM 25KM
6 08.10AM 30KM
7 08.50AM 34KM

Do note that the organizers will adhere strictly to the cut-off timings due to traffic regulations and safety concerns.

Note: Based off the last athlete starting the race at 03:10am and finishing the race within the total cut-off time of 7 hours.