The half marathon has a wider appeal than its marathon older brother, and is viewed as a more achievable feat by non-elite or serious runners. Whether you are running for a Personal Best or taking the 21.1km challenge as a step towards a full marathon, it will definitely be an achievement to be remembered.


Half-Marathon (21.1km) – 4 February at 4.45am
Start from Golden Mountain
Finish at Democracy Monument
Cut-off time: 4 hours

Free shuttle service between Bangkok Airport Rail Link and Golden Mountain from 2.30am till 11.30am.

The 21.1km still requires a serious level of training, however, and brings with it its own set of challenges. Many runners use the half marathon as a stepping stone towards the marathon but it’s a very challenging run in its own right. Some of the world’s best long distance runners focus their careers on the half marathon and are able to set some incredible average speeds in this category. The half marathon is a perfect run for those looking to step up from the 10km and test the long distance discipline.

Start Block Information

Cut-Off Timings

Cut-Off timings are essential to ensure the safety of our participants, and to adhere to traffic regulations.
Below are the details of the cut-off timings for the awareness of participants, please note that participants whom do not meet the cut-off timings will be ushered onto shuttle buses back to the Finish Line.

No. Cut-Off Timing Distance
1 6.20AM 7.5KM
2 7.30AM 13.5KM

Do note that the organizers will adhere strictly to the cut-off timings due to traffic regulations and safety concerns.

Note: Based off the last athlete starting the race at 04.55am and finishing the race within the total cut-off time of 4 hours.